AFA Tourism is a bicycle, equipment and GPS rental service that allows you to explore the various cycling routes, paths, eco-routes, and unmarked routes, with suggestions for stops to discover what Famalicão (and its surroundings) has to offer.

The growing development of tourism at a national level, the potential of the municipality of V.N. Famalicão and the growth projections of AFA Cycles culminate in a project: AFA Tourism. The company's new project is the rental of bicycles, equipment, and GPS with pre-defined itineraries.

The tourist itineraries are completely new!
They can be done using bicycles to explore the best that the county and its surroundings have to offer, such as restaurants, hotels, and services.

Our essence: "pedal knowledge"
The "pedal", because we want you to do as many kilometers using your - or one of ours!! - bicycles. And the "knowledge" for the new experiences provided by us that will make you gain new knowledge, for example: the taste of a new wine, a curious fact about a train or even about recycling.